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  • FRIENDS is one of the most comprehensively evaluated programmes for addressing the emotional needs of children and young people
  • To view a selection of research findings from around the world, click HERE
  • Uniquely recognised by the World Health Organisation, which states:
    • "Research suggests that there is good evidence to support new public policy investments in both preventing and treating anxiety disorders in children. Our review of the literature revealed a cognitive-behavioural program, FRIENDS, that appears to be efficacious across the entire spectrum, as a universal prevention program, as a targeted prevention program and as a treatment."

(Prevention of Mental Disorders: Effective Interventions and Policy Options, pp. 42-43, WHO, 2004)

  • Click HERE to access a pdf copy of the above publication


  • to access the research findings of the 2008 FRIENDS project in four Stirling primary and secondary schools please click HERE 


  • to access a report of an Action Research project using Fun FRIENDS in a nursery setting, click HERE


  • to access a range of supplementary materials and advice to assist in delivering a Fun FRIENDS programme, click HERE


  • to view a report on the standardisation of the Stirling Children's Wellbeing Scale, click HERE 


  • Articles by other practitioners who have carried out FRIENDS groups in Scotland will also be posted on this website.
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